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Chris Farren - "Least Embarrassing Demos 2008-2014" Cassette

Limited to 200 copies. Tapes printed to an opaque light green cassette.

ALL ORDERS COME WITH IMMEDIATE MP3 DOWNLOAD. All downloads come with a bonus, digital only song, "I Want To Leave"

All copies ordered (past, present, future) will also receive a commemorative (somewhat-apologetic-about-the-delay) button that shows your patience for this tape to arrive. Artwork by Chris himself. All by himself.

Chris himself had the following to say in regards to this tape:

"So I write a lot of songs - like a stupid amount and I think it's actually bad for me. When I'm not on tour I tend to write roughly two songs a day. I record demo versions of maybe half of those, and usually around 25% of the demo versions are good enough (to me) to pursue further.

Most of these songs are all ideas I wanted to pursue further but, for whatever reason, didn't make the cut. A few of them ended up Antarctigo Vespucci songs - included here to show you how much Jeff Rosenstock brings to the table in that band (it's a lot).

After compiling this collection for this release, I zipped the folder up and sent it to Business Casual. Later that day, my computer crashed and I lost all of my old demos. Aside from "officially" released material this cassette tape is really all I have to show for the 300+ song ideas over the past 7 years. That is probably only important to me, but if that's something you're interested in, take a listen. The lyrics are often awkward, vocal melody uncertain, and some songs just end too soon. Not too unlike anything else I've released I guess?!?

This will be the only format these will be released, so by all means, share it, rip it, pass it around, throw it away, or take all of the tape out and toss it around your room. Thanks for listening!"

I, Ian, myself have to say...this is a really cool intimate release and I couldn't be more thankful that Chris is allowing me to share it with you all. If you're a fan of his songs, this is a nice, lengthy companion that, I feel, fills in the missing pieces of his catalog very nicely. Enjoy!

Side A
1. DBA The Devil
2. I Don't Miss Anyone
3. Every Possible City
4. Storm Song
5. Fake It Till You Hate It
6. Fantastic Romantic Qualities
7. Imaginary Friend
8. Sometimes

9. Tropical Depression
10. Don't You Get Lonely Too?
11. Bang!
12. Baby Come Home
13. Come To Brazil
14. Sympathy Center

Orders will begin shipping, worldwide, on July 20th.

*If ordered with any already-available releases, your order WILL NOT ship until the release date of this particular tape. However, if you're the patient type, ordering more than one release does discount shipping, and very muchso if you reside outside of the U.S.

As always, THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT from both Chris and Business Casual.