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Wil Wagner - DEMOS 2009-2015 Cassette

FOURTEEN (14!!!) UNRELEASED songs by Wil that he's been recording and collecting over the last few years.

side one: feel all the feelings / passion / trying to light a candle with a spark / what you deserve / the way youre put together / dinosaur bones / god/love

side two: my movements are a mystery / i dont love you anymore / it / landlord / king of all things breakable / goodnight, paris / i dont deserve the sun

This begins shipping on June 30th, 2015. Anything ordered with this item WILL NOT ship until they're all able to ship together.

Limited to 3 copies per person due to limited quantities // ONLY 100 available online. // If ordered with other items, ALL items will ship at the same time.

NOTE: IF YOU LIVE IN AUSTRALIA, Please use the POISONCITYESTORE.COM website for ordering.

A note from Wil...
"I am super stoked to announce my new solo tape, I Hope I Don’t Come Across Intense! My friend Ian Graham and I drove from Lansing, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois recently and he asked me to go through all my home demos from the last few years and try dig up some that I’d like to release! The idea with this tape was to put together something that resembled more of a mix tape that I’d give to someone I had a crush on or a demo tape to hand out at my first shows. These are demos recorded to send to lovers, specific people I’d written the songs about or just for myself. There are coughs, forgotten words, bad efforts in guitar tuning and all of the other things you’d expect with a home demo. But these are also songs that probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day otherwise and I am very proud to be able to release! So a huge thanks to Ian at Business Casual for letting me do this and Andy at Poison City for all of his help!"