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Jeff Rosenstock "We Cool?" Cassette


The cassette version of the debut Jeff Rosenstock full length, "We Cool?"
Very proud of one of my oldest, best friends with this album and these songs and all of the great things he's been up to. This tape, as always, is a limited edition release so order sooner than later if you'd like one.

Printed with a full insert of lyrics, professionally duplicated onto high-quality, printed cassettes. Jeff really wanted these to look and feel like the tapes he grew up buying so we've done our best to do just that. Heartfelt, right? Sure.

LIMITED TO 250 COPIES, with this color variant available only here at Business Casual.

SHIPPING ON 4/22/15 This is a repress. We did 250 with clear shells the first time around, these ones have white shells.

Under exclusive license from the incredibly nice, generous and loving gang over at SideOneDummy Records. For vinyl, CDs, t-shirts and all the fun bundles, visit

Tracklisting is as follows:
Side A: Get Old Forever / You, In Weird Cities / Novelty Sweater / Nausea / Beers Again Alone / I'm Serious, I'm Sorry
Side B: Hey Allison! / Polar Bear or Africa / Hall of Fame / All Blissed Out / The Lows / Darkness Records

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