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Beach Slang "Broken Thrills" Cassette

Combining both of Beach Slang's incredible debut EPs ("Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?" & "Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street"), the "Broken Thrills" cassette features one EP per side. This is the first opportunity thus far to have both of these instant classics in one, compact place.

Duplicated onto high-quality, professionally manufactured/printed (color) cassettes along with beautiful new artwork designed by the band exclusively for this particular format.

We sold out of the silver tapes rather quickly and have decided to repress onto a turquoise shell for 250 additional copies. Order quick!

Current press/color variation limited to 250 total copies.

Tracklisting is as follows;
Side A: Filthy Luck / Kids / Get Lost / Punk Or Lust
Side B: All Fuzzed Out / Dirty Cigarettes / American Girls and French Kisses / We Are Nothing

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